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Loyd V. Allen, Jr.
Ph.D., RPh.
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July/August 2018 Issue  Volume 22, Number 4
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Supporting Quality Pharmaceutical Compounding World Wide
  • Compounded Low-Dose Naltrexone for the treatment of Guttate Psoriasis: A Case Report
  • Compounding from a Pharmacy Student's Perspective (IACP Student Writing Competition—Spring 2018)
  • The History, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Types, Diagnosis, Treatments, and Prevention of Gout, Part 1
... the products and services offered by IJPC are valuable tools for all compounders, especially institutional compounders who may not have compounding technical support available to them.
– Linda McElhiney, PharmD, RPh
Clarian Health Partners, Inc
I have at my fingertips a quality tool that gives me access to information that would take many other references to equal- all in an easy to search format.
– Kate James, RPh
Broadway Apothecary, Eugene OR
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