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The Basics of Compounding Emulsions, Part 2

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  May/Jun 2001 - The Business of Compounding
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Abstract:  This is a continuation of Part 1, published in the previous issue. This article addresses the determination of emulsion type, compounding methods, preservation, flavoring, quality control, stability, general comments and patient counseling. Tables provide lists of commercial emulsion bases, preservatives used for emulsions, antioxidants for emulsions and an example formulation for Dry Skin and Massage Lotion.

Related Keywords: Bases, for emulsions, Emulsions, antioxidants for, Emulsions, commercial bases for, Emulsions, compounding of, Emulsions, flavoring of, Emulsions. patient counseling regarding, Emulsions, preservatives for, Emulsions, quality control, Emulsions, stability of


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