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Accuracy of Small-Volume Containers

Author(s):  Newton David W

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2003 - Terrorism
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Abstract:  This article reports on an evaluation of the accuracy and precision of measuring deionized water with four volume-scaled containers up to 2 oz in capacity, which are commonly available to pharmacists (a 2-oz clear plastic, amber, oval prescription bottle from Kerr Prescription Packaging; a 50-mL cylindrical glass beaker available from Pyrex; a 2-oz clear plastic, conical graduated c cylinder available from Nalgene; and a 1-oz clear plastic, conical medicine cup available from Solo Cup Company). Results of this evaluation support the following conclusions: (1) beakers and prescription-dispensing bottles should not be used for liquid measurement, (2) graduated cylinders should be used to measure liquids, and (3) greater differences in volume measurement accuracy and precision than those reported here should occur when measured liquids have different adhesiveness, clarity, color, surface tension and viscosity than water and when the person reading the measurement has impaired visual acuity.

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