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Evaluation of a Simple Method for Visual Detection of Microprecipitates in Blends of Parenteral Drug Solutions Using a Focussed (Tyndall) Light Beam

Author(s):  Veggeland Turid, Brandl Martin

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2010 - Pediatrics and Wellness
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Abstract:  The formation of microprecipitates (subvisible particles) is a critical factor when blending parenteral drug solutions prior to or during intravenous administration to a patient. In cases where compatibility is not documented, analytical screening of such mixtures for physical incompatibility would give a safer foundation for secure administration of such blends to patients. The aim of this article is to report our experiences with visual screening using a focussed (Tyndall) light beam for the detection of microprecipitates within blends of drug solutions, a method which may be used in any hospital pharmacy without use of advanced analytical instrumentation. A selection of clinically applied drug solutions was tested for precipitation upon blending in a proportion of 1:1. In order to reduce potential background particle burden, the solutions were filtered through 0.2 micrometer pore size filters prior to mixing. To detect potential precipitation, the solutions were visually inspected using two different types

Related Keywords: Turid Veggeland, Martin Brandl, parenteral preparations, microprecipitates, precipitates, physical incompatibility, focussed light beam, Tyndall light, compatibility, visual inspection, standard operating procedure


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