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Stability of Low-Concentration Ceftazidime in 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection and Balanced Salt Solutions in Plastic Syringes Under Various Storage Conditions

Author(s):  Xu Meng, Warren Flynn W, Bartlett Michael G

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2009 - Sterile Compounding
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Abstract:  The objective of this study was to assess the stability of ceftazidime in 0.9% sodium chloride injection and balanced salt solutions. Ceftazidime was dissolved in 0.9% sodium chloride injection or balanced salt solution at a concentration of 1 mg/mL. Samples of these solutions were then stored under three different sets of conditions, ambient temperature (25°C), refrigeration (4°C), or frozen (-20°C). The concentration of ceftazidime in each solution was determined at various intervals using the high-performance liquid chromatographic method outlined in the United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary. Our results show that ceftazidime was stable (>90% concentration) for up to 72 hours in both 0.9% sodium chloride injection and balanced salt solutions at ambient temperature. Ceftazidime was stable in both solutions in the refrigerator for 17 days. No significant degradation was noticed for up to 60 days when the solutions were kept in the freezer.


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