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Quality Control Analytical Methods: Testing of Electrolytes Solutions

Author(s):  Vu Nicole

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2009 - Compounding for Pediatrics
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Abstract:  Electrolyte balance in humans is regulated by various homeostatic mechanisms. Electrolytes disturbances can be restored with oral or parenteral supplements, as well as in parenteral nutrition solutions. Multiple electrolytes injections are sterile preparations, and quality-control testing for these solutions follows the established guidelines in current United States Pharmacopeial monographs published in the United States Pharmacopeia.

Related Keywords: Nicole Vu, PhD, quality control, electrolyte solutions, sterile preparations, saline solution, sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, intravenous fluid replacement, osmolality, potassium, magnesium, calcium, citrate, lactate, multiple electrolytes solutions


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