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Bioidentical Topical Progesterone: A Survey of Patients

Author(s):  Warren Aileen, Listecki Robert E

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2001 - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Abstract:  To better serve patients and healthcare professionals, staff at Glen Ellyn Pharmacy in Glen Ellyn, IL, compiled results from women patients who used bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In this article, the authors report results of a study of the effects of bioidentical topical progesterone replacement used by local patients. All nonprescription sales of topical progesterone were entered into a database, which also included individuals who had discontinued therapy. A survey questionnaire was mailed on August 27, 1999. Respondents (70 of 186 contacted) on average had used the preparation 5.6 months. Surveys returned within 3 weeks were included in results. Most study participants reported treatment to have been beneficial; 56 (80%) said they would recommend the preparation; five (7%) said they would not. Diuresis and/or weight loss and mood improvement were noted by some. The authors conclude that the results suggest that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy should be seriously considered by the medical community for women deficient in progesterone. Additional studies are needed. However, negative experiences reported by study participants suggest that progesterone therapy is not the therapy for some women.

Related Keywords: Bioidentical hormone replacement, Hormone replacement therapy, Menopause, symptoms, treatment for, Progesterone, replacement

Related Categories: DERMATOLOGY, HRT

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