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Author(s):  Prince Shelly J

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2001 - High-Tech Compounding
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Abstract:  The author shows the reader how to perform calculations for five problems. The first involves conversion of the ranges for tobramycin levels to conventional SI units, micromol/L. The second involves calculating the quantity of sucrose and water to prepare 1 pint of Syrup NF. The third involves a formulation for a prednisone suspension and shows how to calculate the quantity of prednisone the patient will receive per day and the day the patient should return for a refill. The fourth involves a balance with a specified sensitivity and shows how to weigh a quantity, if starch is used as a diluent, using two methods, the aliquot method and the least-weighable quantities method. The fifth involves a formula for KDD Liquid (“Green Lizard”) and shows how to calculate the percent strength of one ingredient and the milliequivalents of aluminum and magnesium a patient receives in a tablespoonful dose.

Related Keywords: Green Lizard (KDD Liquid), ingredients in, KDD Liquid, ingredients in, Prednisone suspension, Syrup, NF preparation ot, Tobramycin, conversion to SI units, Weighing, ingredients for compounding

Related Categories: SUPPORT

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