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When Problem Audits Strike

Author(s):  Heckman H Edward

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1999 - Compounding for Arthritis Patients
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Abstract:  The author warns that third-party audits are attracted to compounding pharmacies. He describes an audit that went bad that involved a pharmacy in a small midwestern town, when the auditor wanted to look at prescriptions not billed to the pharmacy bureau manager; and presents three options (refuse the audit, allow the third party to conduct the audit, but only for claims billed directly to it by the pharmacy, and allow the third party to return to the pharmacy and audit all the records in question). The author ends by advising pharmacists to think about a strategy before the situation actually happens to them.

Related Keywords: third party audits, compounding pharmacies, national drug code (NDC), audit, claims, litigation, prescriptions

Related Categories: BUSINESS, LEGAL

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