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Iontophoresis Devices: Clinical Applications for Topical Delivery

Author(s):  Panus Peter, Banga Ajay K

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1997 - Diverse Ambulatory Patients
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Abstract:  Iontophoresis involves the use of a small amount of physiologically acceptable electric current to assist in the delivery of ionic drugs into the body. This article covers iontophoretic devices in the United States, discussing electrode design, treatment protocols, clinical applications of iontophoresis, delivery of lidocaine and dexamethasone, treatment of hyperhidrosis, other applications of iontophoresis and compounding information.

Related Keywords: Anode, Carcinoma, Cauterization, Decadron, Dexamethasone, Drionic, Dynaphor, Electrochemical, Electroporation, Gout, Hyperhidrosis, Iontophor, Lectropatch, Lidocaine, Microphor, Nsaid, Phresor, Spider, Veins, Xylocaine


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