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Compounding Pharmacists Play a Vital Role in AIDS Treatment

Author(s):  Staton Tracy

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1997 - Diverse Ambulatory Patients
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Abstract:  The development of a treatment strategy involving several drugs in a “cocktail” that can be individualized for different patients has caused a subtle shift in the way AIDS patiens, their caregivers and healthcare providers and community organizations perceive ongoing management of the disease. Patients have begun to focus more on qualify-of-life therapy or complementary therapies, because they make survival more pleasant. The importance of maintaining the proper dosing regimen for each of he anteretrovirals has some patients seeking help to comply. In addition, the AIDS community has recognized that the drug cocktail is just one part of treatment and that other factors remain important as well. In this article, the author discusses the pharmacist’s role, compounding to encourage compliance and counseling AIDS patients.

Related Keywords: Acyclovir, AIDS, HIV, Infection, Stavudine, Zerit, Zovirax


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