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"Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: What It Is and What Consumers Really Want"

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Article Related to Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: What It Is and What Consumers Really Want
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
The Science Behind Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 1 Wepfer Scott T Nov/Dec 2001 462 Buy
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 3, A Review of Wepfer Scott T Mar/Apr 2002 142 Buy
Natural Progesterone in Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, The Role of Girouard Lorinda G, Holm Richard C May/Jun 2001 218 Buy
A Perspective on HRT for Women: Picking Up the Pieces After the Women's Health Initiative Trial - Part 1 Gillson George R, Zava David T Jul/Aug 2003 250 Buy
Menopausal Symptom Relief and Side Effects Experienced by Women Using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Conjugated Equine Estrogen and/or Progestin Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 1 Deleruyelle Laura J Sep/Oct 2016 359-364 Buy
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Part 1 - The Evolution of Hormone Treatment Lorentzen Jean Sep/Oct 2001 336 Buy
Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: What It Is and What Consumers Really Want Reed-Kane Dana Sep/Oct 2001 332 View Sample
Menopausal Symptom Relief and Side Effects Experienced by Women Using Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Conjugated Equine Estrogen and/or Progestin Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 2 Deleruyelle Laura J Nov/Dec 2016 447-454 Buy
Efficacy and Tolerability of Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Vigesaa Kristy A, Downhour Nathan P, Chui Michelle A, Cappellini Linda, Musil John D, McCallian Dennis J Jul/Aug 2004 313-319 Buy
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 2, A Review of Wepfer Scott T Jan/Feb 2002 50 Buy
Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 2: Estrogen Defined Lorentzen Jean Nov/Dec 2001 460 Buy
Menopausal Symptom Relief and Side Effects Experienced by Women Using Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Conjugated Equine Estrogen and/or Progestin Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 3 Deleruyelle Laura J Jan/Feb 2017 6-16 Buy
Using Serum Hormone Analysis to Develop Hormone Replacement Therapy Regimens-Part 1 Ford Gina, Garcia Lea Nov/Dec 2000 421 Buy
Using Serum Hormone Analysis to Develop Hormone Replacement Therapy Regimens - Part 2 Ford Gina, Garcia Lea Jan/Feb 2001 52 Buy
Bioidentical Hormones in the Treatment of Osteoporosis Boomsma Diane Sep/Oct 2001 339 Buy
Impact of Conventional and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy on Cardiovascular and Breast Health: A Review Ruiz Andres D, Daniels Kelly R, Barner Jamie C, Carson John J, Frei Christopher R Jul/Aug 2011 290-300 Buy
Estrogen Replacement: A Review of Current Literature Parazewski Kevin Sep/Oct 2001 346 Buy
Menopausal Women's Access Path to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: An Exploratory Study Moro Doris, Young Wendy, Stein Richard, Isaac Winston, Goodman Deborah Mar/Apr 2010 165-170 Buy
Women's Health Book Reviews Reed-Kane Dana Sep/Oct 1999 357-359 Buy
Natural or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: What makes the Difference? An Interview with Christopher B. Cutter, MD. Vail Jane Jan/Feb 2003 24 Buy
Patient Interest in Pharmacist-Provided Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultations Branvold Andrea, Barner Jamie C Nov/Dec 2003 490-494 Buy
Satisfaction of Patients Using Bioidentical Hormones for Hormone Replacement Therapy Santoro Filippo Sep/Oct 2002 377 Buy
Natural Estrogens: A Review of the Primary Literature Glasnapp Andrew Mar/Apr 2000 110 Buy
Efficacy and Clinical Value of Commonly Compounded Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Literature Review Beshay Sarah M, Rivera Gerard, Balthasar Jan, Florea Naomi Jan/Feb 2015 6-12 Buy
Guidelines for Consulting with Patients about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy White Irene Q Jul/Aug 2005 266 Buy
The Value of Hormone Assessment Collins Joseph J Sep/Oct 2001 342 Buy
Book Review: HRT: The Answers. A Concise Guide for Solving the Hormone Replacement Therapy Puzzle Reed-Kane Dana Nov/Dec 2004 412 Buy
"Natural" Isomolecular Hormone Replacement: An Evidence-Based Medicine Approach Drisko Jeanne A Nov/Dec 2000 414 Buy
Hormone Therapy: It's Time for a Second Opinion Collins Joseph J, Ahlgrimm Maria Mar/Apr 2008 122-127 Buy
The Lived Experience of Perimenopausal and Menopausal Women Undergoing Treatment with Bioidentical Hormones Holt-Waldo NaRisa Y, Stephenson Kenna Jul/Aug 2007 292-296 Buy
Bioidentical Hormones in the News Bramwell Bethany L Sep/Oct 2010 374-380 Buy
The Effectiveness of Sublingual and Topical Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Post-menopausal Women: An Observational Cohort Study Ruiz Andres D, Daniels Kelly R Jan/Feb 2014 70-77 Buy
Saliva Tests, Part 2: Salivary Hormones, Hormone Replacement Pharmacokinetics, and the Importance of Timely Testing Kells John, Dollbaum Charles M Sep/Oct 2009 392-399 Buy
The Effects of Compounded Bioidentical Transdermal Hormone Therapy on Hemostatic, Inflammatory, and Immune Factors; Cardiovascular Biomarkers; Quality of Life Measures; and Health Outcomes in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women Stephenson Kenna, Neuenschwander Pierre F, Kurdowska Anna K Jan/Feb 2013 74-85 View Sample
The Politics of Hormone Replacement Therapy Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2007 278-281 Buy
Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Intervention and Consultation in Hormone Replacement Therapy: An Update Hu Fei-Shu, Reed-Kane Danna, Draugalis JoLaine R May/Jun 2006 187-192 Buy
Bioidentical Topical Progesterone: A Survey of Patients Warren Aileen, Listecki Robert E Sep/Oct 2001 354 Buy
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Selected Recent References Foy Elizabeth, MacCara Mary E Nov/Dec 2000 426-427 Buy
The Role of Sex Hormones on Fibromyalgia Pain Mediators Bramwell Bethany L May/Jun 2010 193-199 Buy
Bilateral Areolar Hyperpigmentation Following Transdermal Administration of Compounded Hormone Replacement Therapy Griffee Chris, Delano Amy Mar/Apr 2012 110-114 Buy
Common Acronyms Used by Health Professionals Who Prescribe or Prepare Hormone Replacement Price Dared L Jul/Aug 2007 288-291 Buy
Patient Handout - Hormone Replacement Therapy Reed-Kane Dana Sep/Oct 2003 339 Buy
The Role of Drug Promotion in the Prescription of Hormone Replacement Therapy in the United States Stephenson Kenna, Jones William, Stephenson Douglas M M May/Jun 2006 175-183 Buy
Estrogen Replacement Therapy in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Osburn Jennifer May/Jun 2002 171-176 Buy
PreScription: Issues with the NAMS 2017 Hormone Therapy Position Statement Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2017 444 Buy
Correcting Misconceptions about Compounding Bioidentical Hormones: A Review of the Literature Paoletti Jim, Kaul Monica, Kloesel Lawson G Jul/Aug 2007 269-272 Buy
Profile of A Practice: Hormone Replacement Therapy in the Heartland Hudson Sonora Sep/Oct 2000 362 Buy
A Perspective on HRT for Women: Picking Up the Pieces After the Women's Health Initiative Trial - Part 2 Gillson George R, Zava David T Sep/Oct 2003 330 Buy
Hypothyroidism: Optimizing Therapy with Slow-Release Compounded Thyroid Replacement Milner Martin Jul/Aug 2005 268-273 Buy
Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Female Androgen Insufficiency Syndrome Tan Robert S Jul/Aug 2005 259-264 View Sample
Basics of Compounding with Dilutions and Concentrates Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2017 39-45 Buy
Emerging Evidence for Androgen Replacement Therapy in Aging Men Bramwell Bethany L Mar/Apr 2010 94-99 Buy
Bioidentical Thyroid Replacement Therapy in Practice: Delivering a Physiologic T4-T3 Ratio for Improved Patient Outcomes with the Listecki-Snyder Protocol Snyder Scott, Listecki Robert E Sep/Oct 2012 376-380 Buy
The Standardization of Nonsterile Compounding: A Study in Quality Control and Assessment for Hormone Compounding Wiley TS, Odegard RD, Raden J, Haraldsen JT Mar/Apr 2014 162-168 Buy
Book Reviews: Hormone Replacement Therapy Paoletti James E Sep/Oct 2001 356-357 Buy
Planning and Marketing a Natural HRT Patient Seminar Trent Kerry Cunningham Sep/Oct 1999 360 Buy
Natural Testosterone: Hormone of the Heart Wright Jonathan V, Lenard Lane Mar/Apr 1999 88 Buy
Natural HRT: Corrective Measures When the System Goes Down Ford Gina Mar/Apr 1999 109 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Mar/Apr 2000 120 Buy
Book Reviews: Women's Health Reed-Kane Dana Nov/Dec 2000 424-425 Buy
Custom-Compounded Micronized Hormones in a Slow-Release Capsule Matrix Timmons Evelyn D, Timmons Steven P Sep/Oct 2002 378 Buy
The Salivary Hormone Profile in the Clinical Evaluation of Women Stephenson Kenna Nov/Dec 2004 427-435 Buy
Estradiol: The Emerging Evidence for a Protective Role Against Insulin Resistance and Obesity Biundo Bruce, Gogola Margaret Jul/Aug 2015 289-293 Buy
Andropause: New Perspectives Biundo Bruce May/Jun 2004 175 Buy
Estrogen Use in Dogs: Indications and Complications Davidson Gigi S Nov/Dec 2000 468 Buy
Saliva Tests, Part 1: Clinical Use, Elements of Testing, and Guidelines for Posttreatment Interpretation Kells John, Dollbaum Charles M Jul/Aug 2009 280-288 Buy
Treatment Options for Male Hypogonadism Biundo Bruce Jan/Feb 2013 28-38 Buy
Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Intervention and Consultation in HRT DiMaggio Jennifer Lyn, Reed-Kane Dana Jul/Aug 2003 258 Buy
Natural-Product Therapies for Treating Diabetic Neuropathy Anderson Constance Mar/Apr 2000 98 Buy
The Hormonal Link to Breast Cancer: The Estrogen Matrix Zava David T Jul/Aug 2002 250-254 Buy
Sensitization Therapy for Warts Kuntz Rachael Jul/Aug 2003 266 Buy
Androgen Deficiency in Women: Understanding the Science, Controversy and Art of Treating Our Patients - Part 1 Cutter Christopher B Jan/Feb 2004 16 Buy
PreScription: Bias, NAMS, and HRT Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2007 266 Buy
The Clinical Use of Dehydroepiandrosterone in Postmenopausal Women Bramwell Bethany L Nov/Dec 2010 465-471 Buy
Novel Approaches to Topical Psoriasis Therapy Koyama Gregory, Liu Jenny, Scaffidi Alyse, Khazraee Maryam, Epstein Benjamin Sep/Oct 2015 357-365 Buy
Estradiol 0.25 mg/g, Estrone 0.25 mg/g, and Estriol 2 mg/g in HRT Cream Base Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2016 407 Buy
Effect of Penetration Enhancers on the Percuaneous Delivery of Hormone Replacement Actives Trimble John O, Light Bob Nov/Dec 2017 530-535 Buy
Estradiol 0.5-mg, 1-mg, or 2-mg Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2013 230 Buy
Poster Presentation Report: Safety of Maternal Testosterone Therapy During Breast Feeding Glaser Rebecca L, Newman Mark, Parsons Melanie, Zava David, Glaser-Garbrick Daniel Jul/Aug 2009 314-317 Buy
Estriol: Women's Choice vs. A Manufacturer's Greed Goodrum Jennifer Jul/Aug 2008 286-292 Buy
Wilson's Syndrome and T3 Therapy Milner Martin Sep/Oct 1999 344 Buy
Compounding for Endocrine Disorders in Adult Patients Grajeda Betty Jo, Vail Jane Jul/Aug 2005 275-278 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Custom Rx Compounding and Natural Pharmacy Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2001 118-119 Buy
PostScription: Natural Tragedies: Pharmacists are Integral Members of the Emergency Healthcare Team Williams LaVonn A Jul/Aug 2011 350-351 Buy
Natural Tragedies: Planning for Disasters and Emergencies Williams LaVonn A Sep/Oct 2011 368-371 Buy
Effect of Emulsifier Pairs on Physical Stability of Emulsions Containing Three Different Natural Oils Boonme Prapaporn, Maneenuan Duangkhae Nov/Dec 2014 516-519 Buy
The Compatibility of Common Respiratory Therapy Drug Combinations Owsley Heather D, Rusho William F Mar/Apr 1997 121-122 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Mar/Apr 1999 116 Buy
Interview on HRT: Christiane Northrup, MD, FACOG Allen Loyd V Jr, Northrup Christiane Jan/Feb 1998 12-17 Buy
Estrogen in the Treatment and Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease Paganini-Hill Annlia, Henderson Victor W Jan/Feb 1998 24-29 Buy
Treatment of Skin Aging with Topical Estrogens Schmidt Jolanta B, Binder Martina, Demschik Gabriele, Bieglmayer Christian, Reiner Angelika Jul/Aug 1998 270-275 Buy
Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Discussion of a Complex Pathology Zur Eyal May/Jun 2012 196-205 Buy
Transdermal Progesterone: Effects on Menopausal Symptoms and on Thrombotic, Anticoagulant, and Inflammatory Factors in Postmenopausal Women Stephenson Kenna, Neuenschwander Pierre F, Kurdowska Anna K, Pinson Barbara, Price Carol Jul/Aug 2008 295-304 Buy
PostScription: It Is Not Just What You Say…But How You Say It! Reed-Kane Dana Jul/Aug 2008 375 Buy
Tri-Est, Progesterone, and Testosterone in Versatile, Phytobase, Fitaline, and HRT Supreme Cream Bases Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2017 238 Buy
A Review of Current Research on the Effects of Progesterone Boomsma Diane, Jim Paoletti Jul/Aug 2002 245-249 Buy
Finding the Balance Ford Gina Sep/Oct 1999 340 Buy
Natural Progesterone Handout Kuntz Rachael Jul/Aug 2005 281-282 Buy
PostScription: Women in Balance: A Cause Worth Advancing Murray Jane, Reilly Colleen Jul/Aug 2005 327-328 Buy
Androgen Deficiency in Women: Understanding the Science, Controversy and Art of Treating Our Patients - Part 2 Cutter Christopher B Mar/Apr 2004 96 Buy
Women's Oral Health: Is There a Hormonal Link? Preckshot John Jan/Feb 2004 10 Buy
Calculations Prince Shelly J Jul/Aug 2005 307-308 Buy
Premarin: The Intriguing History of a Controversial Drug Vance Dwight A Jul/Aug 2007 282-286 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jul/Aug 2008 354 Buy
Estradiol 0.1% Vaginal Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2008 450 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jul/Aug 2009 330 Buy
The Physiologic Role and Use of Estriol Paoletti Jim E Jul/Aug 2009 270-275 Buy
Hormonal Influences in Prostate Cancer: An Update of a Complex Subject Biundo Bruce Mar/Apr 2010 100-104 Buy
Clinical Utility of Pharmacogenetic Testing in Compounding Pharmacy Fichter Brian, Heintzelman Tom, Hurst Sawan, Fitzsimmons Dorothy, Mailloux Christina Nov/Dec 2013 452-457 Buy
The History of Progesterone Newton Stephen J Jul/Aug 2007 274-277 Buy
Medical Therapy for Acquired Urinary Incontinence in Dogs Hill Katie, Jordan Dinah, Ray Jody, Mays Andrew A, Griffin Katie Sep/Oct 2012 369-375 Buy
Hormone Treatment Options for Males: What to Do for Men with Low Testosterone Biundo Bruce Jul/Aug 2009 276-279 Buy
Medication Therapy Management Implementation, Part 3: Barriers and Recommendations to Overcome Barriers Fyke Jeremy P, Yale Robert N, Corbett Corinne, Litera Natalie Nov/Dec 2008 508-513 Buy
Recommendations for Overcoming Barriers to Medication Therapy Management Implementation, Part 1: Review of Literature Fyke Jeremy P, Yale Robert N, Corbett Corinne, Litera Natalie Jul/Aug 2008 329-333 Buy
Medication Therapy Management Implementation, Part 2: Study Methodologies, Barriers, and Recommendations to Overcome Barriers Fyke Jeremy P, Yale Robert N, Corbett Corinne, Litera Natalie Sep/Oct 2008 414-418 Buy
Acetaminophen 500-mg and Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25-mg Hot Therapy Packs Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2007 416 Buy
Compounded Levofloxacin Triple Therapy is Safe and Effective for Refractory Helicobacter pylori Mah Xian-Jun, Gupta Vikas, Loch Srey Neth, Ahlenstiel Golo, van de Poorten David Jul/Aug 2017 330-333 Buy
Collaborative Drug Therapy Management and its Application to Pharmaceutical Compounding Anderson Derick Jan/Feb 2007 56-58 Buy
Case Report: Ketoprofen/Riboflavin/Caffeine Capsules and Progesterone Therapy for Recurrent Migraine Pain Fields Shannon W May/Jun 2007 200 Buy
Andropause: Annotated Citations from the Literature Biundo Bruce Sep/Oct 1999 355 Buy
Men's Health: Practical Solutions to a Profoundly Underrated Health-Care Crisis Milner Martin Mar/Apr 1999 76 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg in Oil Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1997 185 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg in Lactose Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1997 186 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg Semisolid-Filled Hard-Gelatin Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1997 187 Buy
Estrogen and Breast Cancer: Is There a Link? Gever Marcy Portnoff Jan/Feb 1998 21-23 Buy
Natural Head Lice Repellant Spray Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2001 48 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg Capsules (Lactose Free) Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 1998 445 Buy
Estrogen 0.625-mg/5-g Vaginal Gel Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2000 460 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg/0.1-mL PLO Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2000 465 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg/0.1-mL Sublingual Drops Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2000 466 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg Tablet Triturates Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2000 467 Buy
Estrogen 0.625-mg/5-g Vaginal Gel Hinkle Amanda R, Newton Gail D May/Jun 2004 185 Buy
Natural Emollient Oil Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2003 462 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg, Progesterone 100-mg and Testosterone 1-mg Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 1999 400 Buy
Triple Estrogen 2.5-mg Slow-Release Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 1999 401 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jan/Feb 2017 58-59 Buy
Evaluation of Percutaneous Absorption Performance for Human Female Sexual Steroids into Pentravan Cream Polonini Hudson C, Brandão Marcos Antônio F, Ferreira Anderson O, Ramos Cristiano, Raposo Nádia R B Jul/Aug 2014 332-340 Buy
Testosterone Enanthate 200-mg/mL Injection Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2014 151 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jul/Aug 2016 316-317 Buy
Progesterone 10% Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2016 412 Buy
PreScription: First Estriol, Then What? Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2008 284 Buy
Progesterone and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review of Literature Williams LaVonn A, Mead Jay H Jul/Aug 2008 310-315 Buy
Women's Perspective on Progesterone: A Qualitative Study Conducted in Australia Spark M Joy, Dunn Rebecca A, Houlahan Kelli L Jul/Aug 2009 345-349 Buy
Transdermals: The Skin as Part of a Drug Delivery System Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2011 308-315 Buy
Testosterone Levels in an Aging Population: Screen, Measure, and Restore Kells John, DollbaumCharles M Mar/Apr 2011 102-112 Buy
Book Review: The Medical & Surgical Practice of NaProTECHNOLOGY Reed-Kane Dana Jan/Feb 2005 5-6 Buy
Book Reviews: Awakening Athena: Resilience, Restoration, and Rejuvenation for Women Reed-Kane Dana, Grajeda Betty Jo Jul/Aug 2005 252 Buy
Book Reviews: Perfect Balance Reed-Kane Dana, Grajeda Betty Jo Jul/Aug 2005 253-254 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Going the Extra Mile with Pharmaceutical Care Davis Jeanie Lerche Nov/Dec 1999 455 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Surviving the Competition Davis Jeanie Lerche May/Jun 2000 203 Buy
Essential Truths About HRT Everett Lisa, Everett Eric Jan/Feb 1998 10-11 Buy
Profile of a Practice Hudson Sonora Jul/Aug 2000 287 Buy
Returning to our Roots Simmons Chris May/Jun 1999 194 Buy
Treating Andropause: Prohormones and Hormone Metabolic Modifiers Biundo Bruce Sep/Oct 2001 351 Buy
Book Reviews Reed-Kane Dana Mar/Apr 1999 107-108 Buy
Evaluation of the Antibacterial Activity of Green Propolis Extract and Meadowsweet Extract Against Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria: Importance in Would Care Compounding Preparations Lupatini Nogueira Rodrigo José, Danopoulos Panagiota, Swikidisa Rosita, Alves Pinheiro Vanessa Jul/Aug 2016 333-337 Buy
Low-Dose Naltrexone: A New Therapy Option for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I Patients Sturn Kayla M, Collin Michael May/Jun 2016 197-201 Buy
Warfarin Personalized Dosage: Re-compounding for a More Suitable Therapy and Better Compliance Pellagatti Tommaso, Ternelli Marco, Frascio Davide, Bettini Ruggero May/Jun 2017 247-250 Buy
Home Infusion: Available Vascular Access Devices and Common Therapies Kennedy Steve, Williams LaVonn A May/Jun 2011 183-188 Buy
Compounded Analgesic Therapy for Disorders of Movement: Arthritis, Neuropathic Pain, and Postpolio Syndrome Brown Scott, Erickson Brian, Muller George, Bryant-Snure Susan J, Mestayer Richard F III May/Jun 2010 182-192 Buy
Vitamins: Therapy or Hype Wynn Tom, Hoffrogge Zach Jan/Feb 2012 17-21 Buy
Ionic Hydration Solution for Anti-Cancer Therapy Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2009 156 Buy
Submitting Compelling Case Reports for Drug Therapy in Veterinary Patients Davidson Gigi S Sep/Oct 2007 390-395 Buy
Malathion Topical Lotion: Therapy for Resistant Head Lice Glasnapp Andrew, Nguyen Linh Jul/Aug 1998 268-269 Buy
Topical Therapy for Localized Hyperhidrosis Glasnapp Andrew Jan/Feb 2001 28 Buy
Tamoxifen Citrate - A Potential Therapy for the Treatment of Keloids Glasnapp Andrew Sep/Oct 1999 380 Buy
Drug Therapy for Acute and Chronic Pain in the Cat Lascelles B Duncan Sep/Oct 2002 338 Buy
Minimizing the Risk of Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy Pratt Sam Sep/Oct 2001 362 Buy
Warts: Facts and Therapy (Patient Handout) Kuntz Rachael Jul/Aug 2004 275 Buy
Compounding Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy for Animals Davidson Gigi S May/Jun 2005 195-198 Buy
Head to Toe Solutions: A Quick Review of Current Therapies Paoletti James E Sep/Oct 2004 345-352 Buy
Probiotic Therapy, Part 1: Beneficial Bacteria Improve Health, Save Lives Vail Jane Mar/Apr 2006 107-111 Buy
Probiotic Therapy, Part 2: Clinical Perspectives Vail Jane May/Jun 2006 195-200 Buy
Case Report: Transdermal Fluoxetine as Therapy for Feline Anxiety Fields Shannon W Nov/Dec 2006 418 Buy
Basics of Pharmacogenomics for the Compounding Pharmacist Kupiec Thomas C, Raj Vishnu Jul/Aug 2005 303-306 Buy
Diabetes Book Reviews Reed-Kane Dana Mar/Apr 2000 103-104 Buy
Male Impotency and the Compounding Pharmacist Preckshot John Mar/Apr 1999 80 Buy
Case Reports for Arthritis Issue: Iontophoresis with Lidocaine and Dexamethasone for Treating Rotator Cuff Injury in a Hockey Player Preckshot John Nov/Dec 1999 441 Buy
High-tech Compounding: State-of-the-art Equipment Improves Products and Profit Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2001 412-419 Buy
Oral Mucositis: Etiology and Clinical and Pharmaceutical Management Zur Eyal Jan/Feb 2012 22-33 Buy
Quality Control: From Record Keeping to Key Performance Indicators: Managing Quality in Compounding Pharmacies Karime Braga Glaucia, Vieira Fonseca Maria Jose Mar/Apr 2010 136-139 Buy
Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 2 Allen Loyd V Jul/Aug 2015 280-287 Buy
Compounded Testosterone Troches to optimize Health and the Testosterone Controversy Guth Michael AS May/Jun 2015 195-203 Buy
Testosterone Cypionate 100-mg/mL Injection Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2013 73 Buy
Levothyroxine Sodium 100-mcg Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2013 505 Buy
Solid State Stability of Extemporaneously Prepared Levothyroxine Aliquots and Capsules Fortner Jeff, Salton Jason, Carlson Christie, Wheeler Rich, Cote Brianna, Rao Deepa Sep/Oct 2015 414-419 Buy
Pharmacists' Perceptions of the Economic Value of Compounded Pharmaceuticals: A Comparison of Compounded and Commercial Pharmaceuticals in Select Disease States Lobb William B, Wilkin Noel E, Holmes Erin R Nov/Dec 2015 514-520 Buy
Fluoxymesterone 10-mg Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2017 412 Buy
Kinetic Analysis of Drug Release from Compounded Slow-release Capsules of Liothyronine Sodium (T3) Bakhteyar Hamid, Cassone Clayton, Kohan Hamed Gilzad, Sani Shabnam N Sep/Oct 2017 418-425 Buy
Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 5-mcg/0.1-mL Transdermal Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2008 546 Buy
Differentiation and Treatment of Hypothyroidism, Functional Hypothyroidism, and Functional Metabolism Paoletti Jim Nov/Dec 2008 488-497 Buy
Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 5-mcg/Hydrocortisone 5-mg Slow-Release Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2008 545 Buy
Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 5-mcg/Selenium 100-mcg Slow-Release Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2008 547 Buy
Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 5-mcg Slow-Release Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2008 548 Buy
Lubow's Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2009 558 Buy
Case Reports: Long-Term Effects of Topical Progesterone Cream Application; Progesterone Suppositories for PMS Ilyia Elias F, McLure Deborah, Farhat Michel Y Sep/Oct 1999 352 Buy
Levothyroxine Sodium 40-micro-g/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2007 247 Buy
Measuring Testosterone Biomarkers in Serum and Saliva: Are They Accurate? Tan Robert S Nov/Dec 2004 419-423 Buy
Estradiol Valerate 40-mg/mL in Oil Injection Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2015 509 Buy
Antimicrobial Activity of Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis) and Pracaxi (Pentaclethra macroloba) Oils against Staphylococcus aureus: Importance in Compounding for Wound Care Guimarães Anna Luísa Aguiar, Cunha Elisa Alves, Matias Fernanda Oliveira, Garcia Patrícia Guedes, Danopoulos Panagiota, Swikidisa Rosita, Pinheiro Vanessa Alves, Nogueira Rodrigo José Lupatini Jan/Feb 2016 58-62 Buy
Practicing Your Compounding Skills Outsides of Your Pharmacy's Walls Gonzalez Mark May/Jun 2015 205-211 Buy
Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas Kawataba Yoshinori Nov/Dec 2013 459-463 Buy
Stability of Clindamycin Hydrochloride in PCCA Base SuspendIt Pramar Yashoda V, Graves Richard A, Ledet Grace A, Phan Kelly V, Bostanian Levon A, Mandal Tarun K Sep/Oct 2016 421-425 Buy
Proteins Used as Sweeteners Li Xiaojian, Alexander Kenneth S Nov/Dec 2007 476-481 Buy
Rheologic Profile, Specific Gravity, Surface Tension, and pH of Fifteen Over-the-Counter Preparations Al-Achi Antoine, Baghat Tushar, Chukwubeze Onah, Dembla Ishwin May/Jun 2007 252-258 Buy
Marketing Tip: Collaboration Can Result in More Cost-Effective Seminars Capps Shelly Sep/Oct 1999 362 Buy
Book Reviews Reed-Kane Dana Jul/Aug 2000 288 Buy
Marketing Tip: PR Can Help with Image Change and Geographic Expansion Capps Shelly Jul/Aug 1999 277 Buy
Compounding in History: Treatment at the Change of Life Worthen Dennis B Sep/Oct 2001 365 Buy
Current Topical Treatments in Wound Healing - Part 1 Helmke Christopher D Jul/Aug 2004 269 Buy
Compounding in the Pharmacy Curriculum: Beyond the Basics Hinkle Amanda R, Newton Gail D May/Jun 2004 181 Buy
Case Report: Treatment of Labial Adhesions in a Child Fields Shannon W Jan/Feb 2007 27 Buy
Calculations Prince Shelly J Jul/Aug 2002 305 Buy
Top Ten HRT Compound Preparations Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 1999 342 Buy
Interview: Katharina Dalton, MD: Progesterone and Related Topics Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 1999 332-339 Buy
Testing of Estradiol in a Compounded Cream and a Stock Solution Buderer Matthew J, Buderer Nancy M Jan/Feb 2009 74-77 Buy
A Concise Discussion of Headache Types, Part 2: Migraine Williams LaVonn A May/Jun 2012 182-188 Buy
Gastrointestinal Mucositis: Focus on the Treatment of the Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy on the Rectum Zur Eyal Mar/Apr 2012 117-124 Buy
Physiochemical Compatibility of Nebulizable Drug Admixtures Containing Budesonide and Colistmethate or Hypertonic Saline Klemmer Anja, Krämer Irene, Kamin Wolfgang May/Jun 2013 254-261 Buy
Disguising the Taste of Antiretrovirals for Pediatric Patients Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: Creative Flavor Compounding and Techniques, Part 1 Horace Alexis E, Akbarian-Tefagh Jessica Sep/Oct 2013 388-391 Buy
Glutaraldehyde-treated Autologous Pericardium Used in Valve Repairs McElhiney Linda F Jan/Feb 2012 12-16 Buy
Home Infusion 101 Williams LaVonn A Jan/Feb 2011 6-10 Buy
Case Report: The Use of Inhaled Cyclosporine to Treat Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome in a Lung Transplant Patient McElhiney Linda F Mar/Apr 2010 112-115 Buy
Potential Treatments for Radiation Dermatitis Corsini Lindsay May/Jun 2010 210-213 Buy
Chemical Stability of Admixtures Combining Ziconotide with Fentanyl or Sufentanil During Simulated Intrathecal Administration Shields David E, Aclan Jennifer, Szatkowski Aaron Sep/Oct 2008 463-466 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Nov/Dec 2008 539 Buy
PreScription: Changing the Game Menighan Thomas E Mar/Apr 2010 92 Buy
Quality Control Analytical Methods: Testing of Electrolytes Solutions Vu Nicole Jan/Feb 2009 53-55 Buy
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