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Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Endotoxins: Essential Testing for Pyrogens in the Compounding Laboratory, Part 2 Cooper James F, Chakrabarty Kaushik, McGuire Jason, Zolner William J, Jones Vann, Hedman Hilary Nov/Dec 2010 493-506 Buy
Quality Control: 5 Steps to Improve Quality in the Compounding Lab Zolner William J Mar/Apr 2012 136-144 Buy
Quality Control: Analytical Methods: Why Do I Need a Certificate of Analysis? Zolner William J May/Jun 2012 226-229 Buy
Quality Control Analytical Methods: A Guide to Quality Control Testing for the Compounding Pharmacist Zolner William J Jul/Aug 2006 281-284 Buy
A Process Verification Model for Quality Assurance in a Compounding Pharmacy Zolner William J May/Jun 2008 247-251 Buy
Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Designing a Quality-Control Potency Testing Program for a Compounding Pharmacy Zolner William J Sep/Oct 2009 412-418 Buy