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Veterinary Flavor Suggestions Paoletti James E May/Jun 1999 186 Buy
Book Reviews: Hormone Replacement Therapy Paoletti James E Sep/Oct 2001 356-357 Buy
Head to Toe Solutions: A Quick Review of Current Therapies Paoletti James E Sep/Oct 2004 345-352 Buy
Aromatic Head Lice Oil Paoletti James E Sep/Oct 2004 346 Buy
Minimizing the Risk of Teratogenic Substance Exposure for Pregnant Compounding Pharmacists Paoletti James E, Benavides Tomas J Nov/Dec 1998 414-415 Buy
The Feasibility and Benefits of TPN in Horses: A Review of the Findings Paoletti James E, Downing Dee, Tormo Vicente J Sep/Oct 1998 351-353 Buy
Compounding Mouthwashes and Rinses for Oral Ulcerations Paoletti James E, McCord Kayda Jan/Feb 1999 8 Buy