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Extemporaneous Formulations in Pediatric Patients Nahata Milap C Jul/Aug 1999 274-276 Buy
Stability of Levothyroxine, Doxycycline, Hydrocortisone, and Pravastatin in Liquid Dosage Forms Stored at Two Temperatures Nahata Milap C Sep/Oct 2015 428-431 Buy
Long-term Stability of Zonisamide, Amitriptyline, and Glycopyrrolate in Extemporaneously Prepared Liquid-dosage Forms at Two Temperatures Nahata Milap C Mar/Apr 2016 164-166 Buy
Extended Stability of Morphine and Sildenafil for Oral Use in Infants and Young Children Nahata Milap C May/Jun 2016 247-249 Buy