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Stability of Oseltamivir in Various Extemporaneous Liquid Preparations Ford Stephen M, Kloesel Lawson G, Grabenstein John D Mar/Apr 2007 164-176 Buy
An Aftershave Lotion for Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Kloesel Lawson Mar/Apr 1999 102 Buy
Sugar Substitutes Kloesel Lawson Mar/Apr 2000 86 Buy
Electronically Controlled Drug Delivery Kloesel Lawson Nov/Dec 1999 439 Buy
Flavoring: Compounding a Treat Kloesel Lawson G Jan/Feb 2001 13 Buy
Pitch Ointment: Applications in Scar and Wound Management Kloesel Lawson, Carvalho Maria, Banov Fabiana May/Jun 2018 182-188 Buy
Correcting Misconceptions about Compounding Bioidentical Hormones: A Review of the Literature Paoletti Jim, Kaul Monica, Kloesel Lawson G Jul/Aug 2007 269-272 Buy