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The Formulation and Use of Placebo Dosage Forms in Pharmacy Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert Jan/Feb 1998 35-37 Buy
The Rule of Seven Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert May/Jun 1997 191 Buy
Experimenting with a New Emulsifying Agent (Tahini) in Mineral Oil Emulsion Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert, Akin-Isijola Austin Jul/Aug 2000 315-317 Buy
Calamine Lotion: Experimenting with a New Suspending Agent Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert, Akin-Isijola Austin, Bullard Jenny Nov/Dec 1999 490-492 Buy
Some Quality Control Tests on Chromium Picolinate in Solid Dosage Forms Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert, Beasley Shawn Sep/Oct 1997 349-351 Buy
Pharmaceutical Profile of Vitamin C Tablets and Capsules Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert, Nzazi Guy Sep/Oct 2000 400-403 Buy
Assaying Progesterone in Extemporaneously Prepared Suppositories Al-Achi Antoine, Webster Kathy, Greenwood Robert, Nicol Scott Sep/Oct 1997 339 Buy
In Vitro Studies on the Release of Morphine Sulfate from Compounded Slow-Release Morphine-Sulfate Capsules Webster Kathy D, Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert Sep/Oct 1999 409-411 Buy