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A Brief Look at the History of Oral Hygiene Capps Shelly Jan/Feb 1999 17 Buy
Marketing Tip: Marketing Reps Can Help Capps Shelly Jan/Feb 2000 39 Buy
Marketing Tip: PR Can Help with Image Change and Geographic Expansion Capps Shelly Jul/Aug 1999 277 Buy
Value and Pricing: Figuring Out What You're Worth Capps Shelly May/Jun 1999 197 Buy
Software for the Compounding Pharmacist: A Review Capps Shelly May/Jun 2001 187 Buy
Marketing Tip: Flavors: Target Marketing to Doctors and Patients Capps Shelly Nov/Dec 1999 454 Buy
Marketing Tip: Collaboration Can Result in More Cost-Effective Seminars Capps Shelly Sep/Oct 1999 362 Buy
The Future of Compounding: An Industry Perspective Capps Shelly, Winckler Susan C, Anthony Calvin J, Halperin Jerome A May/Jun 2000 204-205 Buy
Marketing Tip: Teachable Moments: A Simple Concept Reed-Kane Dana, Capps Shelly May/Jun 1999 199 Buy