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HRT and the Continuing Education of Health Care Professionals Boomsma Diane Jan/Feb 1998 18-19 Buy
Nausea and Vomiting in Hospice Patients Boomsma Diane Jul/Aug 2000 250 Buy
Bioidentical Hormones in the Treatment of Osteoporosis Boomsma Diane Sep/Oct 2001 339 Buy
The Magic of Magnesium Boomsma Diane Jul/Aug 2008 306-309 Buy
A Review of Current Research on the Effects of Progesterone Boomsma Diane, Jim Paoletti Jul/Aug 2002 245-249 Buy
Case Reports: Compounding to Relieve Arthritis Pain Marshall Robert, Vidaurri Vincent A, Boomsma Diane, Buchta Anthony J, Vail Jane Nov/Dec 2008 498-504 Buy