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Profile of a Practice

Author(s):  Davis Jeanie Lerche

Issue:  Mar/Apr 1999 - Compounding for Men's Health
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Abstract:  This profile features Pat Jagodzinski, RPh, and Patrick Sten, RPh, and Rx Alternatives in St. Joseph, MO. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is their shop’s primary specialty, and 99% of their business is devoted to compounding. Both pharmacists have lived in this town of 80,000 all their lives, so they have profited from long-established relationships with local physicians. They also use their personal trips to physicians, dentists, etc., as springboards for new business, in addition to holding catered lunches in physicians’ offices (nurses and staff are always included). During lunch they ask open-ended questions focused on the physician’s specialty. They are also active in the chamber of commerce and have located their pharmacy in a high-traffic site near the largest movie theater in town.

Related Keywords: compounding business, natural hormone replacement therapy, women's health, men's health, physicians, neuropathy, progesterone, testosterone, veterinary

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