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Compounding Enclosures: Ensuring Safety During the Preparation of Sterile and Nonsterile Formulations

Author(s):  Ashe Krystina, Baskett Dustin

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2018 - Volume 22, Number 5
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Abstract:  The individual attention devoted to preparing customized medications is the cornerstone of pharmaceutical compounding. Providing that level of care, however, entails exposure to drugs, airborne particulates, and fumes or vapors that can jeopardize the health of pharmacy staff and customers in the store. The responsibility of supplying protection against compounding-related contamination falls to the pharmacy owner, and the selection, use, and maintenance of compounding enclosures are essential to ensuring that safety. In this article, we discuss various types of those enclosures and their proper use in a variety of compounding settings. Figures and a Table describing models of interest to compounders are also presented. It is our hope that this information will provide a better understanding of the role of this essential equipment as a safeguard against exposure to airborne contaminants.

Related Keywords: Krystaine Ashe, Dustin Baskett, compounding enclosures, compounded nonsterile preparations, compounded sterile preparations, primary engineering control, environmental exposures, air filtration, high-efficiency particulate air filters, HEPA filters, negative air pressure, positive air pressure, airborne contaminants, worker protection, personnel safety, air contamination, United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <795> Pharmaceutical Compounding--Nonsterile Preparations, United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs--Handling in Healthcare Settings, USP, airborne particles, particulate matter, nonhazardous drugs, hazardous drugs, regulation compliance, regulatory requirements, fume hood, ductless workstations, biological safety cabinets, Class I biosafety cabinet, class 1 cabinet, Class II biosafety cabinet, laminar-airflow hoods, air filters


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