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Investigation of Physical and Chemical Stability of an Ointment with Herbals

Author(s):  Zdoryk Oleksandr A,Khokhlova Kateryna O,Georgiyants Victoriya A,Vyshnevska Liliia I

Issue:  May/Jun 2014 - Volume 18, Number 3
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Abstract:  The physical and chemical stability of a stock preparation ointment with active ingredients—herbal tinctures of calendula and arnica—for the treatment of hemorrhoids was studied. Evaluations for physical and chemical stability were performed initially and throughout the storage period. Physical stability of the ointment was assessed by means of visual observation in normal room light. Throughout the study period, the physical appearance of the ointment did not change. The chemical stability of the ointment was evaluated by means of a stability-indicating, thin-layer chromatography analytical technique. The shelf life was found to be one month at 25°C ± 2°C/60% RH and two months at 5°C ± 3°C, when protected from light.

Related Keywords: Oleksandr A. Zdoryk, PhD, Kateryna O. Khokhlova, PhD, Victoriya A. Georgiyants, ScD, Lilija I. Vyshnevska, ScD, ointments, topical preparations, herbs, calendula, arnica, wound healing, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, inflammation, pain relief, analgesia, analgesic, topical anesthetic, herbal medicinal products, antiseptic, stability, storage conditions, hemorrhoid cream, formulation, flavonoids, calendulosides, forced degradation


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