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The ps in Therapeutics

Author(s):  Newton David W

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2012 - Volume 16, Number 1
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Abstract:  The decline of ps (pharmaceutical sciences) content and emphasis, especially pharmaceutics in pharmacy education, has been followed by pharmacy practice journals since the final BS to PharmD degree transition of 1990-2000. The particular deficit of drug compatibility, compounding, packaging, reactivity, solubility, stability and storage instruction, and information was a major impetus for the 1996 premier of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding and the 2011 introduction of the Science and Technology for the Hospital Pharmacist electronic newsletter. The four ps examples provided in this article to corroborate the introduction to Vol. 1, No. 2 of the Science and Technology for the Hospital Pharmacist, which featured Dr. Richard Penna’s prudent reflection that biological, chemical, and physical ps facts and knowledge are vital to patient care.

Related Keywords: David W. Newton, BS Pharm, PhD, FASHP, pharmaceutics, pharmacy education, pharmaceutical chemistry, Maillard reaction, pharmacology, Science and Technology for the Hospital Pharmacist newsletter


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