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Infantile Hemangiomas, Part 2: Topical Treatment with Beta Blockers

Author(s):  Zur Eyal

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2011 - Volume 15, Number 6
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Abstract:  Part 2 of a 2-part article about infantile hemangiomas, the most common benign tumors of infancy, was published previously in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. Part 1 provided a comprehensive discussion about infantile hemangiomas, the current accumulative knowledge in the treatment of this pathology, and the use of oral propranolol in the treatment of infantile hemangiomas. This article continues that discussion but focuses on the topical treatment of this pathology.

Related Keywords: Eyal Zur, RPh, MBA, formulations, infantile hemangioma, infants, steroids, corticosteroids, immune response modifiers, beta blockers, topical preparations, literature review, iontophoresis, propranolol hydrochloride, skin permeability, percutaneous absorption


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