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Pediatric Oral Liquid Preparations

Author(s):  Fonseca Simonne C, Ferreira Anderson de O

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2005 - Pediatrics
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Abstract:  Compounding of oral liquid formulations represents an important therapeutic alternative for children and others who may need such preparations in specific dosages or formulated with specific inert ingredients. Nevertheless, the compounding pharmacist must consider the various factors that affect stability, efficacy, and safety of these preparations. It is imperative to evaluate the safety of the vehicle, solvents, and pharmaceutical adjuvants used to increase and improve chemical, physical, and microbiological stability.

Related Keywords: Simonne Fonseca, RPh, Anderson de O. Ferreira, children, formulations, liquid preparations, dosage forms, stability, palatability, taste, excipients, flavoring agents, sweetening agents, sweeteners, coloring agents, solvents, preservatives, compounding, patient compliance


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