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Unlocking Autism: Is Compounding the Key?

Author(s):  Vail Jane

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2005 - Pediatrics
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Abstract:  Autism is a lifelong neurobiologic disorder that profoundly affects quality of life. The early diagnosis of autism is elusive, and its imprint on those afflicted is so unique that the course of the disorder is hard to predict in individual patients. Symptoms provoked by idiosyncratic sensitivities to diet and environment are often difficult to treat and recur with alarming frequency. In spite of those therapeutic challenges, new treatments and regimens offer hope to autistic patients and to their family members, whose lives are shaped by the constant demands of care. In that effort, pharmaceutical compounding has an essential role.

Related Keywords: Jane Vail, autism, children, gastrointestinal disorders, food sensitivity, dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, diet restrictions, vitamins, minerals, heavy metal chelation, DMSA, DMPS, detoxification, metabolic deficiencies, methylated vitamin B12, methyl B12, compounding, patient stories


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