Personalized medicine
through pharmaceutical
compounding is one of
the fastest growing
parts of pharmacy
Loyd V. Allen, Jr.
Ph.D., RPh.
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Mar/Apr 2014 Issue  Volume 18, Number 2
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Supporting Quality Pharmaceutical Compounding World Wide
  • A Needle-free Reconstitution and Transfer System for Compounded Sterile Intravenous Drug Solutions in Compliance with USP Chapter <797> Standards
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding or Pharmaceutical Manufacturing? A Regulatory Perspective
  • IACP’s Continuing Support of Compounding Pharmacists: Letter to the FDA Concerning 503B Outsourcing Facilities
  • The Essentials of USP Chapter <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing and Its Application in Pharmaceutical Compounding
... the products and services offered by IJPC are valuable tools for all compounders, especially institutional compounders who may not have compounding technical support available to them.
– Linda McElhiney, PharmD, RPh
Clarian Health Partners, Inc
I have at my fingertips a quality tool that gives me access to information that would take many other references to equal- all in an easy to search format.
– Kate James, RPh
Broadway Apothecary, Eugene OR
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